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It is incommensurate with the traditional practice of Catholic theology, which, even in regard to the highest and most mysterious of revealed truths--the Trinity, the Incarnation, and our divinization in grace--has consistently aimed at understanding divine truth, at moving beyond mere fact, even divine fact, to the intelligibility of the fact, to the meaningfulness of what is believed.
If b is irrational, f is quasiperiodic; there are two incommensurate lengths in the Fourier transform; D = 2.
Incommensurate modulations were also found in a series of the layered [Sr.
28) By historicizing contemporary attitudes on beauty and assigning to the past an allegiance to the idea of proportion, Firenzuola is able to claim originality for his definition of incommensurate beauty.
Mason offers insights on the failures of explaining disagreements in terms of incompatible value premises, the difficulties in using distinctions between a concept and a conception, the desirability of regarding moral justification in terms of diverse forms rather than a single model (thus rejecting Hare's approach), the powers of analogical reasoning in moral discourse, the distinctions between ambiguous and essentially contested terms, the unintelligibility of the assertion that paradigms can be both incommensurate and contradictory (an assertion usually attributed to Kuhn), and much more.
Derisory emergency government stocks sure made available, mostly for sale at market prices, and public works schemes were funded but again at levels incommensurate with the scale of need.
Altogether the six items contain clauses which international lenders have said are incommensurate with the aim of speeding up foreclosures proceedings -- designed to help banks recover non-performing loans running in the billions of euros.
Easily the most optimistic of Kurosawa's movies, most of which end apocalyptically with, at best, a traumatized few staggering toward an inconceivable future, Tokyo Sonata (certainly a reflection on Ozu's Tokyo Story and perhaps on Hou Hsiao-hsien's recent homage to it, Cafe Lumiere, both of which deal with the incommensurate value systems of parents and children) suggests a twenty-first-century version of the 1960s injuction to "tune in, turn on, and drop out" (though the family remains in its comfortable if hardly luxurious house).
Chiefly under the influence of Machiavelli, Vico, and Herder, Berlin found what monists had denied was possible, but which he believed to be true propositions that were incompatible or incommensurate with one another.
Schmitt and Copenhaver make a plausible case that many supposedly modern philosophical issues - the embeddedness of thought in language, the need to choose among incommensurate conceptual schemes, the problem of the fact-value distinction - have roots going back to the Renaissance.
There is little reliable evidence, for example, that Stalin was dissatisfied with the postwar settlement or felt that Soviet influence on diplomatic arrangements was incommensurate with their contribution to winning the war against Germany.