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She is not reacting to threatening moralized sexual imperatives; rather, the desire that she represses is intolerable because it is incommensurate with the kind of self-reliance that is both necessary to social survival and modeled and enforced by the individualism of her father.
Yet these two principles are incommensurate not because of their predictions but because of their semantics.
the wound to be borne is incommensurate with the thorn.
The problems of trying to yoke the incommensurate values of English liberty and plantation economics occupy playwrights and audiences in plays set in the West Indian colonies.
When we chose inadequate point (not corner point from chessboard), the calibration was incommensurate and the errors variable are over tolerance.
Then I began to ponder the dilemma that facts are pressed into service as evidence for claims that seem incommensurate, depending on what is meant by the term "author.
These are only a handful of the works that fulfill the urgency of the contemporary, while others seem incommensurate with it, representing neither the artworld nor characteristic of craft.
The relation between incommensurate crystals and superstructures is then described.
In doing so, she reveals how secularism is considered incommensurate with Islam in so far as Islam is opposed to a Western secular world.
One would need the imagination and the theoretical rigor to persist beyond facile likenesses or contrasts, risking moments of the incommensurate for the sake of conceptually illuminating alignments.
O swift, regular beats on the incommensurate screen,/is a heart that works a heart that lurks behind the world?
Which is to say that each repetition of a memory is, in an important sense, incommensurate with those that precede it, to the extent that it is grounded in a transformed fantasmatic core that provides its own sense of imaginary continuity.