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Still without revealing his true identify, Gareth petitions to champion a lady incommoded by the Red Knight of the Red Lands.
The people thus incommoded include the elderly, parents of babies and small children, patients in hospitals and indeed all sick people and owners of animals, especially owners of cats and dogs.
The footpath--which in German is called Burgersteig, literally 'path of the bourgeois', in French, passerelle des bourgeois--is becoming exactly this, by which I mean a footpath that belongs to those who have the time and the means to stroll, flaner (a concept to which I shall return shortly) and to consume without being incommoded by the teeming multitude of everyday life in an Asian city that still displays many traits of pre-industrial, agricultural society.
The dark excess That for so many days o'er-loaded all My swollen veins, strangled each vital service, And pressing hard the incommoded soul In its unyielding tenement convulsed The wholesome work of nature (XXXIX, pp.
To become sensible of this by an experiment, let a person keep his position in the bed, but throw off the bed-clothes, and suffer fresh air to approach the part uncovered of his body; he will then feel that part suddenly refreshed; for the air will immediately relieve the skin, by receiving, licking up, and carrying off, the load of perspirable matter that incommoded it.
Certainly the tribal peoples living on what were viewed as "waste lands", could be incommoded, and their life style radically changed if their land was brought into production.
THINGS have come to a pretty pass when a journalist can't even walk up the King's Road without being incommoded by Chelsea pensioners.
If Gosse pere was not in fact a household tyrant a la Edward Barrett Moulton-Barrett, then a whole subculture of post-nineteenth-century analysis is seriously incommoded.
Here they could be "free from the inconveniences of dirt in winter and dust in summer and not incommoded by carriages of any kind.
against] it, at first, by their older relatives or friends, either on the mistaken idea of their health, or on the score of fashion; very frequently by their husbands, who fancy they shall be incommoded and disturbed by it.
The stock has fallen to the support of its 10-month moving average, but it is incommoded by overhead resistance from its 10-week and 20-week moving averages, which have just completed a bearish cross.
To summarize, we have a stock here that is trending sideways, incommoded by the 60 level.