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But their gondolier proved to be a surly, incommunicative fellow who, although he steered them skillfully enough, proved reluctant to stay around to collect his fare when they disembarked.
Instead of writing off incommunicative guys as jerks, step back and realize guys are people, too.
It's the reason why he is called in by an old chum (played by Oliver Platt) to help a young girl (Brittany Murphy) who has been incommunicative since her father was shot dead.
In other words, it presented the motifs of the tradition of the new in a way that did not render the sensibility they imply incommunicative, so affording Ashbery the means to re-think the communicative potential of experimental poetry.
21) The relative presence of Ransom's speaker -- which, to repeat, parallels the relative emphasis on discursive and poetic constructions -- creates what Robert Scholes describes as a "literary tension between the utterance as communicative and externally referential, on the one hand, and as incommunicative and self-referential, on the other.
President and taught you how to defend yourself and how to change a tire, had changed from the idealist who went to the University of Hawaii to an incommunicative man intent on surviving in the new regime that overthrew President Sukarno, and massacred communists and ethnic Chinese.
Of course, Dunbar, as would later Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston, sought to reclaim the vernacular to celebrate rather than disparage a constituency of dialectal speakers, but the challenge of performing dialect remains: with script gutted by apostrophes and pained quasi-phonetic approximations, written dialect's orthographic deformity makes it more graphic than communicative, the text so opaque that it becomes an incommunicative object on the page, a stumbling block when read aloud, interrupting the very cadences of the speech it purports to represent.
Duve's deep dig into history produces a carnival of cultures in which incommunicative knights meet baroque kings, modern-day queens, their lap dogs, ancient Amazons, and prehistoric monsters.
The individual frames within "The Dirty Words Pictures" tend to be incommunicative, their formal and social cont ent indeterminate.