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It is incompetence that has been responsible for the high level of poverty on the continent.
Differentiating between acute and chronic mitral incompetence
In past studies scholars have suggested that schools seldom dismiss teachers for the reason of incompetence (Chait, 2010).
46 billion due to continuous delaying tactics and incompetence.
Insanity or mental incompetence is a contentious defence and laws are in place to protect those who are genuinely not of sound mind, Mr Rau said.
Was the failure to track OBL a result of negligence, incompetence or complicity?
They may be able to use their bullish ways through Parliament but the Scottish people are more resilient and will not forget their idiosyncrasies and incompetence.
Britons will forgive much about politicians but incompetence is a capital offence With the West Coast line hitting the buffers at midnight - an example of a government judging that hour to be a good time to bury bad news - showed Ed Miliband was right.
While the individual does not possess the skill, he or she does recognize his or her incompetence as well as the value of the new skill.
The police should be brought to account for their incompetence, lies, deception, and corruption.
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