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The ministry has started to distribute to all its officials and SDF members totaling about 260,000 an ethics card that lists incompliance acts.
My concerns after the week's efforts at Cheltenham will be to get Incompliance ready for Punchestown.
Yet some of them did hear or witness other migrant Chinese women being beaten, hungered or gang raped by pimps due to their incompliance to prostitute themselves.
factory as measures have been reaffirmed to prevent the factory's incompliance with a Japan-U.
AaAaAa At the same time, my country's government stressed the legitimate right of all countries- without exception - to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes in accordance with the provisions of the convention and in incompliance with the international regulations and condition, through the guarantees for which IAEA supervises their implementation.
Incompliance with the requirements of Strate, the electronic settlement andcustody system used by the JSE, the MTN Group has determined the followingsalient dates for the payment of the dividend:
The ministry then proceeded to cancel the contract with the company, on the grounds of incompliance, it was reported.
34) The court categorized this claim as a single means claim finding it invalid for incompliance with the enablement requirement of [section] 112 [paragraph] 1.
INCompliance performs over 200 critical compliancy checks that enable easy adherence to IBM Security Server best practices.
Bailey, CEO/CTO of Vanguard Integrity Professionals-Nevada, observed that INCompliance represents a true 21st century technology.
Although this incompliance does not trigger an event of default on the bonds, it does generate limitations in terms of debt increases, guarantee constitution, dividends and capital expenditure.