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If only the threatening, incompliant women would acquiesce to a shared domesticity longed for by the murderer, normative social roles would be restored.
In addition, the participation of US military officers as judges, the inability of the defendants to choose their own counsel, and the secrecy of the trials make military tribunals incompliant with the fair trial standards required in Article 6 of the European Union's Convention on Human Rights.
incompliant with duties of obedience to the commands of God" (Owen, 1812, p.
The biggest headache when developing a website is the laborious hours spent making sure that sites that look great in Internet Explorer 5 look the same on the archaic and standards incompliant Netscape 4.
The family firm wields incentives including the punishment of incompliant individual members by ostracization.
Delivery of a comprehensive and reliable report flagging incompliant privileged accounts that exist in the network;
NNA - 49% of the samples taken from drinking water in Lebanon's school turned out to be incompliant with the specified sanitary standards, Minister of Public Health, Wael Abu Faour, announced on Thursday in a joint press conference held with Minister of Education and Higher Learning, Elias Bou Saab.
He said stiff penalties, including licence cancelation, shall be enforced against incompliant local operators.
The Northern Territory's moratorium on enforcement actions for incompliant constructions could soon be changed under plans released through a new discussion paper.
These included toys containing toxic substances that will have serious side effects in case of being swallowed, in addition to products alleged to have therapeutic and sexual effects, unlicensed ladies cosmetics incompliant with the health standards, and consumable materials containing hazardous substances.
Trucks owners rebuffed this decision today as incompliant with the working hours of companies and factories.