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In this case, the speaker observes that despite the incomprehensibility of the universal struggle, his/her "separate wave" and to "what sea" it "labour[s] in the ground" is now "note[d]," with wave, ground, and notes alluding to the implied music.
The Esperanto of money aside, frenzy and incomprehensibility are omnipresent and not limited to foreign tongues.
11) Accordingly, while Augustine holds that God is eminently light which has become manifested, that is, mixed with darkness in the world, Eriugena maintains rather that God is strictly speaking darkness, total incomprehensibility which exposits itself in its worldly apparition in entanglement with light (Carabine 1994:141-152, O'Meara 1992:271).
But it is also a map, or anti-map, its incomprehensibility figuring the dark mysteries of global capital, the matrix of invisible power in which the postmodern subject feels itself to be helplessly enmeshed.
Thus we have malice and evil intent, weakness of will and foolishness, self-deception, negligence, gullibility, self-obsession, pride and vanity, vacillation, ruthlessness, blinkeredness, willfulness, naivete, irrationality, perversity, madness, dreaminess, dithering, mental blanks, and sheer incomprehensibility.
While Protestant discourse claimed that such Latin utterances stripped God's Word of meaning for most lay worshippers, the "alternative history" of mumbling shows that for many, the incomprehensibility of Latin paradoxically made prayer a more private and inward experience.
This year's prize for spectacular incomprehensibility, though, goes to Gregory J.
Again the challenge is not the mathematical formulation but the utter incomprehensibility of the idea--the impossibility of a visual imagine of an extensionless point and 'admiration is created in one as result of experiencing an unusual, not natural phenomenon, something reason cannot explain' (123).
As Pluck might have put the matter, the bucolic traipse has become a plunge into cosmologic incomprehensibility rendered in prose of extraordinary exactness.
The incomprehensibility of these ethical collapses is confirmed by these well-known examples: Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Mark Hurd, Anthony Weiner, David Wu and so on.
He grants that James is "highly original, or at least novel," who puts great faith in "the great incomprehensibility of things.
In the wake of such large-scale human destruction, placing the emphasis on a table serves to represent the pathos and incomprehensibility of cruelty and death.