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Il faut convenir que dans le contexte d'aujourd'hui, les professionnels de la peche des deux bords ont souffert de cette incomprehension des politiques.
Coim Meaney is likable enough as a taciturn Irishman who takes up residence in a Majorcan village where he doesn't speak the language; naturally, his neighbors mistake his incomprehension for insight, and Arturo Ruiz Serrano's script proceeds to distribute magical solutions and romantic payoffs like confetti.
By LAHORE, January 12, 2012 (Frontier Star): Former President of Supreme Court Bar Association, Aasma Jehangir has expressed her deep concerns over Supreme Courts taking over the authority and mandate of Parliament Talking to media at Lahore High Court on Wednesday, she expressed her dire incomprehension over Supreme Courts verdict over NRO (National Recompilation Order).
A rather strange choice of word, Kipp thinks, but our incomprehension probably might have something to do with our inability to grasp the concept of using 'English for decorative purposes.
He said: "A failing of today's society is to set the old over and against the young, in a state of mutual incomprehension.
but deliver us from our minds holding to the edge of incomprehension,
It would be simplistic to label the pieces positive or negative depending on colour schemes, they are products in part of self-examination, exploration, incomprehension and gratitude, they are concrete proofs of my belief in Life.
At the same time, with globalization, incomprehension and mistrust have increased in the last few years.
A compelling vocal and dramatic presence, Whyte was particularly affecting in Euridice's moments of incomprehension while being led out of the underworld by her seemingly indifferent husband.
It was only by meeting the incredible men featured in these pages, and by reading about the almost unimaginable scale of the mission they were involved in, that that embarrassment turned to incomprehension, and something like a religious experience.
Waterhouse and Hall put their finger on a kind of mid-century hinge in British social history, the mutual incomprehension between the generation that fought the Second World War and the first generation for 50 years with no war to fight.