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However, how can we preach the gospel of tolerance and the creed of understanding while at the same time segregating children according to the religious beliefs of their parents Aside from the fact that this gives children less scope to develop their own identities, this is a great way to create a volatile society where ethnic groups glare at one another across a chasm of incomprehension.
Perhaps the most poignant aspect of this week's ``expose'' of the Plas Machynlleth Hunt by the League Against Cruel Sports was the sheer incomprehension of their ``crimes'' by those involved.
he treated the distinction between "hate the sin" and "love the sinner" with scorn and incomprehension.
It's not clear what he would prefer to be doing - beside no longer being indebted to the crime boss he has to run errands for, or else - but Jerry's general air of incomprehension and incompetence is strong evidence that he'd rather be anywhere but the situation he's in.
Thanks to Hanks, who is able to convey gangling awkwardness and bemused incomprehension with goofy charm.
I had had other striking experiences of incomprehension, the most extended being the weeks I spent in an Austrian first-grade class listening to the German language, before it began to change slowly, a fragment at a time, to something I could understand.
Instead, we are given a blow-by-blow account of house moving, country-crossing, and coping with editors' incomprehension, which ends by being tedious.
The recent US denunciation of the NHS once again reveals our mutual incomprehension.
And her fury turned to incomprehension when the firm refused to compensate her.
The former sidekick of David Bowie views most of society with a mixture of incomprehension and wry humour.
It is inevitable when young lives are cruelly destroyed that there will be anger and hatred as well as incomprehension over how it could happen.
Of course, these arbitrary redesignations would mean that nobody would know what on earth we were talking about, but mutual incomprehension is surely a small price to pay for yet another chance to bash our "partners" in the EU.