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Endowed with coy 'come-hither' expressions and skimpy Playboy-era costumes inclusive of rabbit ears, false eyelashes and, incomprehensively, guns, Rush views her work as vocalising the incongruities of innocence and violence.
People run in circles tearing at their own hair, babbling incomprehensively.
It is so incomprehensively bad and there is so much human suffering, one cannot just ignore it.
As I stood staring incomprehensively at the sign that I hoped would tell me where to go, a long-legged woman with shiny dark hair and a beautiful smile came to my rescue and put me on the correct train.
By early twenty-first century standards it was an almost incomprehensively hard life with little education, long hours, unhealthy environments and low pay.
As poet and literary critic Charles Bernstein has put it, form is "how any one of us interprets what's swirling so often incomprehensively about us .
companies simply suffer seriously reduced profits; despite great people and great attitudes, they incomprehensively perform at or below industry norms.