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Both equations are based on the assumption of uniform deformation in the gauge section and incompressibility of the tested material.
To ensure incompressibility of the section, or the transversal incompressibility of the cylinder, the confined state issued and the confined elasticity modulus [?
Each POD mode inherits linear properties from the flow data ensemble including incompressibility and boundary conditions.
6) The sonographic features observed in cases of acute DVT are venous dilatation with thrombus, non or partial compressibility and absence of doppler signal and features for chronic DVT are narrow thick wall vein, collaterals around vein and incompressibility.
where T is the Cauchy stress tensor, - pI is the spherical stress due to constraint of incompressibility, [mu] is the dynamics viscosity, [[alpha].
This special feature allowed Huerta et al [6] to circumvent the complicated incompressibility constraint and define a class of divergence free meshfree approximation functions.
The adjustable spectacles work by means of fluid-filled lenses that use the incompressibility of liquids to change the physical shape of the lens.
The formal decoupling is not possible due to the incompressibility constraint except in some very special cases.
liquid The state of matter in which a substance exhibits a characteristic readiness to flow, little or no tendency to disperse, and relatively high incompressibility (can't be packed down solid).
The model employs standard simplifications used in large-scale circulation modelling such as the assumption of incompressibility of the flow (which only filters out acoustic waves that are negligible for circulation) and the Boussinesq hydrostatic approximation in which the vertical density variations are ignored in the equations of horizontal momentum balance and are accounted for only in the buoyancy terms.
The collisions with the membrane are more frequent because of the incompressibility of the cell's fluid contents, and the more frequently that water molecules strike the membrane, the greater the chance that some of them will pass through the membrane.
As the filling fraction is further increased, the incompressibility of the scatterers leads to the appearance of correlations in the relative positions of the particles.