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These are but two recent examples of the general inconclusiveness of educational research.
We deal here with the historical and social conditions, which produce unstable identities, unstable in their inconclusiveness.
Given the inconclusiveness of the literature and the fact that no known investigation focuses specifically on synonymous nouns or noun phrases, we took an exploratory stance, not positing a hypothesis regarding the relative frequency of synonyms.
Indeed, the myriad ironies in "Soldier's Home" all underscore the essential ambiguity of America's First World War, an event whose bewildering mixture of opposites (savage warfare for some soldiers, an anticlimactic interruption of civilian routine for the vast majority of others) and general sense of inconclusiveness (just how crucial to the Allied victory was American intervention anyway?
Radical inconclusiveness, a narrative about-face that seems to nullify what has gone before, fits Maracle's description:
The inconclusiveness of the existing evidence underscores the need to revisit the issue of market size.
His essayistic approach to topics, his profession of inconclusiveness at the end of chapters, and his seemingly wayward manner that begins in the preface and runs through the final page are actually examples of loiterature in operation.
Fans of the TV show, and I'm one of them, have gotten used to the somewhat radical concept of inconclusiveness as part of the fun.
An interesting outcome of this study is the authors' admitted inconclusiveness of the results as demonstrated by their concluding comments that the effect of gender on subjective values and decision making clearly needs further study.
This may explain the inconclusiveness in research findings confined to stock market reaction to listing in isolation.
Despite the inconclusiveness of the empirical evidence, however, the authors opt for another no-fault scheme, financed through risk-rated premiums paid by institutions (or solo practitioners).
Hubbard's reliance on the clarity of [sections] 1001 and the inconclusiveness of the legislative history stands in stark contrast to X-Citement Video's willingness to look beyond the statute's language to protect other values.