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Despite the inconclusiveness of (cross-sectional) empirical findings, the research does indicate a number of ways forward.
German authorities adopted this approach when faced with a juvenile status claim: the Hamburg court proceeded to treat several defendants as juveniles, despite the inconclusiveness of forensic evidence, and once it became apparent that all defendants' ages were contested, the court handed down mild sentences to everybody, presumably because of the potential that all defendants were juveniles.
Fallibility of reasons ensures the inconclusiveness of argument while inconclusiveness of argument demands that our opinions must be rejected if they are falsified.
Now that hasn't happened (yet), the inconclusiveness is instead apparently the worst possible result.
The various foregoing elements have long featured in the negotiation process, which however has failed to translate into an overall agreement, first because of the 2004 rejection of the Annan Plan and since 2008 due to the inconclusiveness of renewed peace talks.
Smith does not think such inconclusiveness is a sign of weakness, but rather a "dual strength": bearing witness to "a sober respect for what the sources say, and .
This inconclusiveness, of course, is precisely what the Sugar Association has worked so assiduously to maintain.
The lack of support for AVB, or at least a sense that they might not have the right man for the job, is understandable given the inconclusiveness of his time at Stamford Bridge.
This inconclusiveness of the literature largely reflects the weaknesses of current studies, as well as the coarseness of available tools for analysis.
For tests to move from the bench to the bedside, the interpretation will need to be a bit more automated and any inconclusiveness sorted out with an appropriate follow-up algorithm.
Starr's analysis of sectarianism in the capital is accurate in its inconclusiveness.
But far from restricting progress of computer science, the knowledge of such inconclusiveness paved the way for building previously unimagined technologies.