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From here on, the protagonist's crisis becomes a juggernaut of inconformity and crystallizes vis-a-vis the condemned sculptor the poet meets in the second act of the novel.
Thus resulting the separation (although a low one) of the boundary layer as seen in figure 5 (left--the model with initial stern shape design; right--the model with modified stern shape inconformity with the new concept design).
30) The Pakistani Supreme Court, however, rejected this simplistic solution--it declared Article 2-A equal in weight and status to the other provisions of the Constitution, and cautioned that courts, being themselves the creatures of the Constitution, cannot annul any existing constitutional provisions for inconformity with Islam.
Would it not be inconformity with the recognized principles of justice, equality before the law, love and human dignity?
Unfortunately, the minority regime in Addis does not have the ability or the power to work inconformity with the regions wish and will.
The common critical opinion regarding this particular inconformity of the poem somehow endorses the narrator's boasting of the unprecedented wonder of the dream at the outset: "For never sith that I was born, / Ne no man elles me beforn, / Mette, I trowe stedfastly, / So wonderful a drem as I" (59-62).
It would have been more appropriate if findings of other scholars/research workers have been incorporated in the text in confession of conformity or inconformity of this study findings.
In 1990 the Cuban poet Maria Elena Cruz Varela sent Fidel Castro an open letter of inconformity to his government's policies.
This presentation includes certain financial measures not inconformity with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the United States (non-GAAP measures).