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Thus, although there has been theory and some indirect research showing that sexual incongruence may be more common in religious individuals and may be related to negative consequences, no research has measured the construct of sexual congruence and tested these hypotheses directly.
There are five latent constructs in the theoretical model gender, role incongruence, social evidence of mental dysfunction medical evidence of mental dysfunction, and the finding of no criminally responsible.
Incongruence between morphotypes and genetically delimited species in the coral genus Stylophora: phenotypic plasticity, morphological convergence, morphological stasis or interspecific hybridization?
There are a number of theories described in the literature including increased attention to the limb, improved ownership of the limb (McCabe 2011), activation of the mirror neurone system (Matthys et al 2009, Rothgangel et al 2011), and a reduction of sensorimotor incongruence (Ramachandran et al 1995).
He viewed incongruence as a state of disharmony that occurs when a client's inner sense of who he or she is (the "real self") does not match how the client is acting (Neukrug, 2011).
That incongruence between federal and state law has already produced clashes in California, where federal prosecutors have cracked down on medical marijuana dispensaries.
Volume 2 raises issues about the incongruence of incentives that arise when the coercive power of the state is privatized and the goal of prisons becomes profit.
Incongruence is the second problem as most of the communication between people is non-verbal, and when that is out of sync with words, people send mixed messages.
This incongruence between the test and the day-to-day practices of franchise systems creates an uncertainty among the franchise community, not to mention unnecessary litigation.
Others included lack of co-operative learning in reading instruction, overcrowded classroom size, L1/L2 interference, teacher-related mal-practices in the teaching of reading comprehension, lack of speed reading, lack of consideration of learner's reading challenges and methods, lack of connection between intensive and extensive reading activities, incongruence between learner's pre-knowledge and existing ideas in the passage.
His descriptions of critical reflection consider internal incongruence and how to deal with it.
According to Robinson and Morrison (2000), sources of contract breach include reneging and incongruence.