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Having such a large scope, given by its interdisciplinary nature, medicallyassisted human reproduction has given rise to a number of controversies, especially on account of the incongruency between the social reality and lack of regulations.
Class V heads demonstrate aspherical incongruency as their irregular flat shape does not match the more normal-shaped acetabulum.
Consequently, the incongruency between anatomical and mechanical joint axes due to the combined wrist motions of stronger wrist extensor musculature in both sagittal and frontal planes results in a reduced ability to transmit the wrist torque to pinch force during the tenodesis grasp.
For instance, IAT effects are sometimes explained in terms of S-R incongruency (e.
The feeling is not dependent on, but in contemporary contexts is critically entwined with and intensely exacerbated by, the sense of incongruency of being in an alien cultural environment and by the rejection afforded by the dominant order.
In fact, the very green foliage and lake-scape that surrounds the two 'lovers' in this moment of disorientation is seen in an inverted way: normally, that scene would have been a subject for a landscape artist; an idealized, picturesque subject, which now epitomizes incongruency.
These perceptions include ideas about women's gender roles and the incongruency that is often seen between 'athlete" and "female" (Burton, Grappendorf, Henderson, Field, Dennis, 2008; Eagly & Karau, 2002).
Identity Politics in a Globalized Economy provides a parallel discussion; the incongruency between the survival of South African capitalism and two areas the narrow base of domestic consumerism and the limited luxury export trade.
Picture-Text Incongruency in Print Advertisements Among Low- and High-Literacy Consumers.
In addition, organisations may need to minimise incompatible demands in the workplace such as the incongruency between work demands and employee's personal values, irreconcilable difference between requests from different supervisors or workgroups, and incongruency between organisational policies and work duties/responsibilities.
Responses to information incongruency in advertising: The role of expectancy, relevancy, and humor.
This incongruency aside, Letwin was one of the few economists to enter the lists in the affaire Macpherson, which was a debate primarily among historians and political theorists.