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I could readily identify with stories of uneasiness, marginality and inconsequentiality in my chosen discipline, as well as the difficulty in cultivating relationships with White professors.
The logic behind a dream's succession of events always lies just beyond the reach of the dreamer (or, in this case, the reader), and dream-inspired tales can suffer from too-literal symbolism or an abiding sense of inconsequentiality.
Though the reactions of Brutus and Cassius to the poet differ, they are alike in registering the inconsequentiality of what he says.
2004) (discussing associations of inconsequentiality with women and women's language).
Although not all of the dissents issued from 2000 to 2005 were used in this Study, all were considered, and those that were excluded were excluded because of inconsequentiality or the repetition of a position.
The detail is merely one of many in the book that advertises its inconsequentiality.
Frank stresses the inconsequentiality of the culture wars to an extent a gay man or lesbian could never accept.
But I sleep and dream of the moon's mule--whiskey drunk, the anvil shot of the rave falling from night's pockets and our inconsequentiality stubbing beside the swollen bodies dumped into the river with the two-headed fish.
The blinding glare of arbitrary difference exposes Sutpen to the helpless inconsequentiality and existential absurdity that haunt and animate so many of Absalom's characters.
For Bashevis, all activity that does not heighten a sense of human inconsequentiality is idle vanity, as in the case of Dr.
The farcically ritualized mock trial of Aumerle ends not in the drawing of "knightly sword[s]" (30) but in mere inconsequentiality.
Oh oh oh begins with an air of lightness, almost of inconsequentiality.