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According to the authors, "Doctors should anticipate that most women desire information on every potential risk, even risks that doctors may judge to be less serious or inconsequentially rare, and they will generally consider this information to be relevant to their decisions regarding elective procedures.
And though he has inconsequentially been burned financially on at least one of those deals, he says it was learning the hard way that has him battening down the hatches.
Not inconsequentially, the modernist influence on Piaget's theory of learning reinforced the tendency toward maintaining equilibrium to achieve learning efficiency.
Braida discusses Cary's translation of Dante, but her treatment of Cary reads oddly inconsequentially, so that even the details of Cary's life remain a little opaque, unexplained, the oddness showing, for instance, in the way she seems to agree that Panizzi rather than Cary should have become Keeper of the Printed Books at the British Museum in 1837: 'in the expanding library, however, a position like Panizzi's involved special qualities of determination, enterprise and energy' (p.
When her father then suddenly died, as inconsequentially as he had lived, Sybille was at the mercy of her mother, a beauty incapable of distinguishing between romance and ruin.
2) from the Ecole des Beaux Arts is somewhat inconsequentially placed at the foot of a staircase after the exhibition proper seems to have ended, but all the works ale beautifully lit in such a way as to permit maximum visibility, and displayed against a neutral painted background suggestive of pietra serena.
It began inconsequentially enough: Jackosaying his songs come ``from above;'' giant-sized pictures of Jacko in Jacko's Neverland ``paradise''; Jacko climbing a tree; Basho learning how to moonwalk and so on.
A pity it cannot easily be extended to those who lounge around in busy shopping centres shouting inconsequentially to their sweethearts so that everyone else is forced to listen, or those who spend entire train journeys sending and receiving inane messages at top volume.
Warren continues this contrast in the series of poems he wrote in the metaphysical manner in the few years after "The Garden" was published--and, not inconsequentially, in the years following his John Crowe Ransom essay discussing so extensively the metaphysicals and Eliot's perceived dissociation of sensibility.
Which is a pity, since Bellini, much admired by Wagner (albeit dismissed as inconsequentially silly by Berlioz), represents a key milestone in operatic history and a few of his operas remain mainstays of the repertoire.
Domain names may seem inconsequentially geeky, but their import is profound, cutting to the very identity of Web-based enterprises.