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Te threat the thieves posed was practical and immediate--subjective and abstract, too, presumably, albeit inconsequentially and irrecuperably so--and their practice was troublingly subversive, requiring therefore to be exposed in order that it might be expunged.
52) Second, some scholars contend that a clearer standard would only lead to bickering among states over its precise meaning, so that any added clarity would inconsequentially shift the debate from one source of dispute to another.
215, is inconsequentially different from 0, but that the kurtosis value is quite significant.
The All Federal & State Cases ("allcases") database additionally yielded one Supreme Court case that inconsequentially noted that CAFA did not yet apply, Exxon Mobil Corp.
He is the boy standing on the burning deck and whistling inconsequentially the old tunes of his predecessor.
By drawing on Polanyi, and also casually and rather inconsequentially on Gramsci and Foucault, Munck reveals eventually his "transformationalist" approach which basically means placing social movements at the centre of anti-global capitalism--a point that is only raised in the last six pages of the book.
pharmaceutical companies with deep links to an independent medical profession, and with a significant business commitment to a large and expanding use of prescription drugs, especially in publicly funded plans (and not inconsequentially, with a track record of marshalling public and financial support for those who share their world view);
According to the authors, "Doctors should anticipate that most women desire information on every potential risk, even risks that doctors may judge to be less serious or inconsequentially rare, and they will generally consider this information to be relevant to their decisions regarding elective procedures.
And though he has inconsequentially been burned financially on at least one of those deals, he says it was learning the hard way that has him battening down the hatches.
Not inconsequentially, the modernist influence on Piaget's theory of learning reinforced the tendency toward maintaining equilibrium to achieve learning efficiency.
Braida discusses Cary's translation of Dante, but her treatment of Cary reads oddly inconsequentially, so that even the details of Cary's life remain a little opaque, unexplained, the oddness showing, for instance, in the way she seems to agree that Panizzi rather than Cary should have become Keeper of the Printed Books at the British Museum in 1837: 'in the expanding library, however, a position like Panizzi's involved special qualities of determination, enterprise and energy' (p.
The "acts" introduced in the midst of this somewhat tedious routine varied from inconsequentially empty material that played on an irritating non-sequitur quality--most prominently a shambling lout mumbling nonsense for (alas, unsuccessful) comic effect--to amusing acts which seemed to have come from a circus.