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We see around us numerous acts of inconsideration everyday.
Inconsideration of these circumstances decreases the efficiency of optimization.
Seneca in his de formula honestae vitae says, "Stay away from bad words also, because their wantonness fosters inconsideration.
THE current debate and now decision about phasing middle schools out in Northumberland brings to the fore the inconsideration of the decision makers of the most important recipient of these decisions, the children.
I WOULD like to bring to your attention the inconsideration of `mindless morons' who allow their dogs to freely defecate throughout Calderstones Park.
issued in December 2003 inconsideration for an acquisition and a further
I'm thrilled that so many, used to the ill discipline, inconsideration and general loutishness that surrounds over-paid, under-performing football players, have enjoyed a thrilling encounter between true sportsmen.
The priorities and inconsideration of the planners of this event show no forethought in choosing a date that has already been designated annually to acknowledge the recognition and contributions of the First Nation's people.
It's become a term of abuse, implying loutishness, hooliganism, idiocy, intolerance and inconsideration.
Which climatic inconsideration left Glamorgan frustrated.
In the face of your inconsideration or unkindness, I may experience pain, indignation, chagrin, shame, annoyance, bashfulness and more besides.