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His tact and cleverness in small things are quite as noticeable as the singular inconsistencies in his character, and the childish triviality of his ordinary tastes and pursuits.
It so took root there, that he began to fear Henry Gowan would always be a trouble to him, and that so far he had gained little or nothing from the dismissal of Nobody, with all his inconsistencies, anxieties, and contradictions.
He accepted the needless inequalities and inconsistencies of his life, with a kind of conventional submission that was almost slavish; and any daring layman who would have adjusted such burdens as his, more decently and graciously, would have had small help from him.
It was the Normans who began to build that fine old hall, which is, like the town, telling of the thoughts and hands of widely sundered generations; but it is all so old that we look with loving pardon at its inconsistencies, and are well content that they who built the stone oriel, and they who built the Gothic facade and towers of finest small brickwork with the trefoil ornament, and the windows and battlements defined with stone, did not sacreligiously pull down the ancient half-timbered body with its oak-roofed banqueting-hall.
Two significant areas of concern for tax practitioners are (1) inconsistencies between the Sec.
Gilbert Wright, 65, and Diana Nice, 47, should not be convicted on charges of molesting the girls from December 1996 through July 1997 because the victims' testimony is riddled with inconsistencies, lawyers said.
Responding to industry calls to reduce inconsistencies in accounting regulations for mortgage serving rights, the Financial Accounting Standards Board added to its technical agenda a limited-scope project to amend Statement no.
Finally, the FASB's Emerging Issues Task Force and the Securities and Exchange Commission's Office of the Chief Accountant have occasionally addressed specific issues prompted by regulatory gaps or the internal inconsistencies of existing hedge rules and practices.
a leading breast cancer pathologist noted, "AQUA has proven to be a very effective tool in determining the flaws and inconsistencies associated with immunohistochemistry.
Despite several inconsistencies and last-minute changes to the officers' account of the arrest, Sisco-Aguilar was convicted on June 25, 1997, and sentenced to 70 months in a Kansas penitentiary, where he remains.
Unfortunately, the inconsistencies in the definitions require a rigorous examination to determine if a corporation is subject to either detrimental rule.
Over the past two years, the FASB added to its agenda more specific subprojects related to financial instruments to eliminate inconsistencies in the current accounting literature.