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In general, weak minds suffer from inconstancy and irresoluteness; in most instances, "many do not know what they believe.
All men forget their own proven affairs and inconstancy.
Djankov accused Mladenov in inconstancy and changing his mind on the reform under pressure from the labor unions.
The inconstancy in quality and the mixing of parts from different makers can lead to a nonworking gun and a massive pain in the you know what for you.
He cites Rosalind's speech from As You Like It about women's inconstancy as a parodic moment critiquing the primacy of Western patriarchy, and he uses speeches from David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross as an example of the grotesque realism of carnival.
Theseus' vocal lines are often doubled by horn, English horn, or clarinet; the changing color implies inconstancy.
For Woolf, the human's ability to "negotiate inconstancy and change" does not secure its separateness from animal and plant life.
The right wing is really good at being negative about everything, and offering nothing to help anyone or anything, so I am sure they think Huckabee should be dropped from Fox - or will they be consistent in their inconstancy and ignore this and then support his run for the presidency?
the inconstancy of peace as elusive as everlasting joy or hope or love
There are also stories that characterize G-d in unflattering ways, contrasting human faithfulness to G-d's inconstancy (the Abraham cycle, p.
Ruby's inconstancy suggests that her final career move as future accountant to the stars is doomed to fail like so many of her previous exploits and personal relationships.