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Almost every single male character in the play is inconstant wavering vasscillant and breaker of vows.
The climatic factors are very stable during Turda's history with the exception of some minor and inconstant changes due to the human activities.
Each poem begins with the words "my father"; each circles, contorting around its theme of the inconstant patriarch.
The ratings and outlook of GreenStar consider its adequate risk-adjusted capitalisation, strong fee income and conservative investment portfolio, but also its inconstant operating performance in recent years, as well as its narrow geographic spread and product offerings.
In top form vocally and scenically, Marc Hervieux seemed to enjoy himself immensely as Eisenstein, Rosalinda's hot-headed and inconstant husband.
Federal education policy is nothing if not fitful, subject to the whims of the incumbent administration, buffeted by political considerations, and seemingly as changeable as educational theory, which is notoriously inconstant.
Riyadh and Washington have sought to push for a Gulf-brokered transition plan to ease their former, if inconstant, ally against al Qaeda out of power in the hope of maintaining stability.
Saleh has been, at best, an inconstant ally of the United States, despite extensive U.
The balance of power has tipped against Saleh, long seen in the West as a vital if inconstant ally against Al-Qaeda, after weeks of violence, military defections and political reversals.
Michael Brown's arrangements of three folksongs, "Frog Went A-Courting," "An Inconstant Lover," and "The Barnyard Song," also lay well for high school level and up, and provide a lighter contrast to the standard quintet recital repertoire.
Brendan Healy, new artistic director of Buddies in Bad Times and the director of The Silicone Diaries, stated in the show program, "[l]ike silicone itself, Arsenault creates a new paradigm of mutable identity: one that will not stick, that is likely to change, inconstant, variable.