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The trial court found that the reinstated policy never became incontestable because Sierra died before the two-year period ran.
According to Yylmaz, Erdoy-an has incontestable authority over AK Party members, and if the new party chairman manages to maintain this authority with the support of Erdoy-an, he will govern the ruling party problem-free.
Modern Manners Defined, said: "I spent a year making a BBC Two documentary about the state of education in Britain and if I took away one single incontestable fact it was the schools where the teachers were respected were the schools that delivered the best education.
This could include age change, restarting the incontestable clause and a possible difference in guaranteed interest rates.
It then obtained a federal trademark registration for that element, which became incontestable after five years, with a presumption of validity.
AT THIS stage of Most Improved's career, every incontestable clue is helpful in an attempt to separate hype from fact.
Whereas male power acts like a storm, full of motion, sound and fury, female power is like the sun--steady, quiet and incontestable .
He summoned me on several occasions and came to make inappropriate suggestions to me… it is, in my view, incontestable that Mr.
LDP IT IS incontestable that Merseyside will struggle to get itself heard in Westminster during the coalition government's reign.
Therefore, it is incontestable that Kabylia, as the main Berber-speaking region, occupies a specific place vis-Ea-vis the promotion and resolution of the "Berber cause.
Es un libro subversivo en el que se repasan las claves de la informacion internacional como ejemplo incontestable de la verdadera funcion de los medios de comunicacion de masas actuales: la desinformacion y la propaganda al servicio de los intereses de los propietarios del oligopolio de empresas mediaticas.
I, on the other hand, think evolution is an incontestable scientific fact, and that the Bible was written by men, not God.