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Patients were asked to record their total number of incontinent episodes per week, total urgent incontinent episodes per week, and total incontinent days per week.
Dr Sastry's comments came after several family members claimed they had found Mrs Bonney, of Barry, in an incontinent state at the UHW before her death on October 21, 2005.
Consequently, more incontinent women have given birth than haven't, which may have led researchers to suspect that childbirth played a role in the condition.
The BladderScan earned a priority slot in the video because it has dramatically reduced incontinent episodes in Wellspring facilities and is an integral part of a comprehensive incontinence program based on best practices.
With panic swirling around him--White House Chief of Staff Howard Baker whimpering like an incontinent lap dog, New York Fed President William Corrigan spewing invectives ("Alan, you're it .
Roughly 5 percent of all the men were incontinent after but not before the surgery, Janet L.
Margaret Sommerville, 42, is charged with leaving incontinent patients lying in unchanged beds to teach them a lesson in a geriatric ward at Falkirk Royal Infirmary.
Suitable for incontinent cats of either sex, this essential item can also be customised, as you can see from our charming picture.
NYSE: MDT) announced today that newly published data from a multicenter, prospective trial show that sacral nerve stimulation using Medtronic InterStim[R] Therapy reduced incontinent episodes and increased quality of life in a majority of patients with chronic fecal incontinence at three years of follow up.
Surgeon Robert McCurdie said: "It blasted a great hole in the pelvis, ruptured the urethra and injured muscles in the floor of the pelvis which rendered him incontinent.
The only significant difference between the continent and incontinent patients after transplantation was that the incontinent women reported drinking approximately 1 liter of fluid more per day than the continent women (2,952 cc vs.
Success in the study was considered to be a greater than 50% reduction in the number of incontinent episodes per day.