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I myself would have landed incontinently, that night, at Genoa and bolted with the spoil; he would not hear of it, for a dozen good reasons which will be obvious.
The Managing Director of the Great Civilizing Company (since we know that civilization follows trade) landed first, and incontinently lost sight of the steamer.
But he did not go incontinently to impart to her that information.
Before she had been quite an hour at rest, a meagre little man, with a red-tipped nose and a face cast in an angry mould, landed from a sampan on the quay of the Foreign Concession, and incontinently turned to shake his fist at her.
Belisario's operating room, and came back with his ideas so bewildered by what he there witnessed, or inhaled, as incontinently to indite a leader; in which, after giving an account of the proceedings, he attempts to philosophise thereupon; and among other things asserts, that although "the most respectable medical authorities are agreed that no dangerous or injurious results are to be apprehended, either at the time of, or subsequent to the application of ether," yet "the precise nature of its effect upon the nervous system and the brain, is as yet, mere matter of scientific speculation
ministered unto them divine service and holy bread on a Sunday and kneeled before the altar in his suffrages and prayers, [the parishioners] laid upon him violent hands and arrested him and entreated him so rigorously that in the same place they drew blood upon him, for which diverse of them were excommunicated, and yet continue in the same and so with outrageous violence drew him out of the said church and incontinently laid him openly and shamefully in the stocks and after that, as a thief with his arms bound, with a cord led him unto the king's gaol of Guildford [Surrey] where, by their untrue suggestions, he was entreated as a thief and laid in great duress of imprisonment.
He said: "What people find so irritating is the sense that there is this huge amount of activity incontinently set up, much of it by the last Government, by bodies which are not in any way accountable.