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Torok's baseline example of incorporative fantasy--cannibalism--in
Rather, its redefinition presupposes a constant, selective, adaptive, and incorporative behaviour as individuals and communities remake themselves by choosing from the options at hand.
Drag has a conservative element because it "allegorizes some set of melancholic incorporative fantasies that stabilize gender"; its performance "is an effort to negotiate cross-gendered identification" without refusing the normative descriptions and exclusions on which gender difference depends (Bodies 235).
298), and the ominous implication of the statement is of a kind of paternal rape of "our girls" in the name of their incorporative protection.
Piaget's (1963) model, which outlines the sensorimotor, pre-operational, concrete operational, and formal operational stages, and Kegan's (1982) model, which outlines the incorporative, impulsive, imperial, interpersonal, institutional, and inter-individual stages, are two illustrations of respected stage theories.
The conventional wisdom among recent Jewish scholars, and I mean no disparagement by that term, is more welcoming and incorporative.
Sustainable development is "a process to achieve a progressive and comprehensive approach and ongoing satisfaction through understanding the relationships between humans, humans and the environment and between components of the environment and rational intervention to improve these relationships, incorporative deployment of modern technology, indigenous knowledge, and emphasis on human rights" [49].
In Mpe's novel, Heaven constitutes the voraciously incorporative space in which personal narratives are perpetually contested, continually re-narrated based on the memorializing practices of the living.
should be applied to incorporative and nonincorporative statutes.
We aim at designing an intellectual framework for creative, incorporative learning that would allow the students to construct and partake in "the Exotic", thus making it their own, "domesticating" it, so to speak, which in turn would enable them to draw on the familiar experience and internalise the newly acquired information.
This new incorporative built environment includes middle class housing concepts that are based on an idea of the more rudimentary kampung (low income urban neighbourhood) home, public commemorations by the ethnic Chinese that attempt to deal with their traumatic experience of May 1998, and middle class housing and shopping complexes that offer an inclusion of the urban poor.