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Kelly Bristow, aged 37, of Tomson Avenue, Radford, Coventry, driving with an incorrect licence, fined pounds 115.
Information in the biography for Loran Olsen, found on page 56 of the June/July AMT, also contained incorrect information.
Any command having or receiving the incorrect regulators should submit a quality deficiency report (QDR) through their supply system and order a new regulator.
If you filed the second quarter DE 3D using the incorrect DI Voluntary Plan assessment rate of .
The form generally is valid from the date of signature and for the three succeeding calendar years, unless there is a change of circumstances making any information on the form incorrect.
In Culver City, getting paid to take care of children is politically incorrect.
In half the instances, an incorrect number of dolls appeared upon removal of the screen, corresponding to "1+1 = 1" or "2-1 = 2.
As a result of the Fund being provided with the incorrect valuations, the redemption price paid to investors who redeemed their units in 2005 was more than if the correct net asset value had been used.
Because of a reporter's error, the Winchendon man's age was incorrect in a story published Wednesday in the Telegram & Gazette.
City/Region: A brief about AARP's driver safety courses on Sunday contained an incorrect phone number to call for more information.
Michael Adinew, aged 26, of Attoxhall Road, Wyken, Coventry, driving with excess alcohol and an incorrect licence, fined pounds 250, banned from driving for 12 months.
The April 2004 news article "Reaching across the Border with the SBRP" [Environ Health Perspect 112:A278-A279 (2004)] listed an incorrect URL for the University of Arizona website where visitors may download a Spanish-language environmental toxicology textbook.