incorrect application

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When alternative causes have been eliminated, for example, incorrect application or severe climatic conditions, then it must be assumed the insect has developed a resistance to the insecticide.
The president was referring to the temporary interruption of the process by the Tenders Review Authority, after a consortium that did not make it to the second round filed an appeal with the body citing incorrect application of the tender rules by the transport ministry.
That together with an incorrect application of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited's own guidance note on the use of electronic equipment in the technical area in respect of a manager communicating with technical area staff from the directors' seating area after Mark was dismissed from the technical area.
Health Risk - Some off-the-shelf termiticides may be toxic to humans and incorrect application can be harmful to you and your family's health.
04 per cent for Resolute, which believes the department failed to consider all the relevant factors, further calling it an incorrect application of the statute.
9-percent subsidy rate is "based on a failure to consider all the relevant factors and an incorrect application of the statute.
Although one or two negative rulings on the defense may not be fatal, it does not take long for the momentum to shift in the direction of the bad reasoning or incorrect application of the law.
The successful treatment of mange depends on distribution of acaricide on body although failure of treatment has been attributed to insecticide resistance or incorrect application (Keys et al.
In addition, every member state should nominate a body in charge of dealing with litigation in the case of non or incorrect application of these measures, added the source.
What does lack strength, sadly, is the Advisory Panel, an independent body intended to provide safeguards for tax payers over the inappropriate use, or incorrect application, of the GAAR.
He explained in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The measures implemented by the government is not up to the ambitious of the demonstrators, because there are large numbers of innocent people are still in prison, in addition to the incorrect application of unti-terrorism and accountability and justice laws.
Dubai: Pesticides need to be applied by properly trained licensed professionals and incorrect application could pose numerous hazards, according to pest control experts.