incorrect application

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He explained in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The measures implemented by the government is not up to the ambitious of the demonstrators, because there are large numbers of innocent people are still in prison, in addition to the incorrect application of unti-terrorism and accountability and justice laws.
Dubai: Pesticides need to be applied by properly trained licensed professionals and incorrect application could pose numerous hazards, according to pest control experts.
Examples are given in order to demonstrate both correct and incorrect application of change management.
NZNO and DHB representatives have met and agreed on the correct application, along with a process for remedying the incorrect application, for all shift leave granted after January 1, 2007.
Incorrect application can result in inconsistent results from the same medication so new moisture-activated patch applications have been developed to overcome these issues.
On election day, the Haitian and international media, as well as local and international observer teams, noted the widespread inability of many voters to find the correct polling station, instances of the incorrect application of voting procedures, and instances of repeat voting by some voters, facilitated by complicit poll workers and unidentified party agents.
SOLVIT, founded in 2002, helps citizens and businesses overcome practical problems due to incorrect application of EU law by national administrations while CSS provides free legal advice on internal market rights.
The committee concluded that Shell owed $850m due to the incorrect application of tax breaks and a further $414.
Again, doing this is an incorrect application of force.
There was an error and seven incorrect application forms were sent out.
For instance, we had one referee suspended last season for incorrect application of the law.
While he recognizes that a truly "just" understanding of pollutants' effects on people cannot wait for scientific "certainty" about causation, he fails to discuss how federal judges' incorrect application of epidemiological principles in the wake of the Daubert trilogy has thwarted justice.