incorrect usage

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More claims are being seen related to incorrect unit billings for medications, multiple procedures erroneously coded together, and incorrect usage of modifiers, she said.
Being able to remotely see the screen of the device means that they can show users how to use the device, and detect incorrect usage of the device.
I NOTE with regret that still you allow incorrect grammar into your stories - I cite as examples the story about Neil Scales leaving Merseytavel (DP, December 14) in which there is incorrect usage of Scales''s instead of Scales''.
The campaign aims to educate consumers about the dangers of incorrect usage of gas cylinders.
However, this book does not concern itself entirely with picking apart failed missions and lamenting the incorrect usage of SOF.
Hatab said a cautious approach was necessary by those in unfamiliar territory as, although it is not technically demanding to set up social networks, incorrect usage could lead to bad situations.
It is frequent that we see the advertisement the content of which has incorrect translations into Kyrgyz, namely the incorrect usage of terms.
However, in several recent articles over the last few years, incorrect usage has gone unnoticed.
Common examples of incorrect usage and spelling are also analyzed, along with a guide to avoid insensitive or offensive language.
As Mr Whitworth points out in his email, the incorrect usage is now almost universal.
Apparently, researchers at Harvard believe that a great many of our irregular verbs, which do not simply add "-ed" for the past tense but more or less do their own thing, are in serious danger of being coerced into line by what is at present incorrect usage.
Note: On vehicles using electronic modules to control the ignition, incorrect usage of the jump leads could result in the modules being damaged.