incorrect valuation

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The move follows an incorrect valuation of their homes by the Inland Revenue when the new tax was introduced 13 years ago.
The Chamber Utility Auditing Team identified an incorrect valuation of the brewery's water rates.
A company's eligibility for tax waivers should not require that it accept what it considers to be an incorrect valuation by the Department of Revenue.
Unless the business valuator is aware of the environmental cha nge and understands its impact on the specific specialty being evaluated, the potential for an incorrect valuation looms high.
The current lack of legislation regulating property evaluation has encouraged some in the industry to provide an incorrect valuation of a property in order to pay a lower registration fee when selling or buying land or buildings.
An incorrect valuation of the business and its available funds could spell disaster for it, or unfairly reward one party in the future, as the economy continues to improve and the business grows and increases in value.
Life insurance can be prone to incorrect valuation because of the plethora of types of policies available, ownership and beneficiary issues and misunderstanding of valuation methods of how to apply fair market valuation principles.
Authored by Woodbine Associates, the white paper investigates how weakness in outdated accounting platforms compromises a buy-side firm's ability to be competitive and leads to human error, compliance breaches, failure to detect fraud and incorrect valuation of portfolios.
Companies were hesitant to engage in large, transformative, technology deals because the uncertain macroeconomic environment increased many risks, particularly the risk of an incorrect valuation as equities markets fluctuate and buyers believe many company values remain high.
The previously reported price resulted from an incorrect valuation and unaccounted dividend payment of a portfolio security.
LEI") advised today that press release 04-23 issued December 9, 2004 contained an error in exchange rate calculation which resulted in an incorrect valuation being recorded in the total transaction value.
Furthermore, the investigation has resulted in a legal assessment of the issue of liability for the costs that Carnegie and Carnegie Investment Bank AB have incurred due to the incorrect valuation of the trading portfolio during the years 2005-2007, the penalty fee and other sanctions imposed on Carnegie Investment Bank AB by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, and the penalty fees imposed on Carnegie and Carnegie Investment Bank AB by the Disciplinary Committee of the OMX Nordic Exchange.