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Clarkson makes political incorrectness look awfully naff.
And in case anyone accuses me of political incorrectness, every woman I saw in the room chortled at that.
After all, when it comes to political incorrectness, they are past masters.
Fawlty Towers was remade as Payne without any of the original's political incorrectness - or humour - and was panned by US critics.
Allis tried to pardon himself for political incorrectness but Begay, the only full-blooded native American on the PGA tour, said: "Allis was completely out of order.
Even Dunkin' Donuts, the seat of gastronomic incorrectness, now stocks bagels alongside its glazed, sprinkled and goo-filled confections.
She hated political correctness and he was the embodiment of political incorrectness.
Although it is nearly ten years since Lovejoy left our TV screens, the Lovejoy novels have continued in their comforting timewarp of political incorrectness, where women are 'lasses', money is 'gelt' and antiques are everything.
And that's just for starters in this dark, comic exercise in political incorrectness and exploding sexual and social mores.
Boyle isn't exactly a likable character but there's something about his devil-may-care attitude and political incorrectness that means you can't help but warm to him.
Daring to encroach on traditionally male territory has provoked more political incorrectness than a summer season with Bernard Manning.
Anyone with a modicum of nous will know that the most heinous thing about that now-notorious job advertisement seeking someone 'hardworking, enthusiastic with a strong desire to succeed' is not any trace of political incorrectness, but its almost pitiful naivety.