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And then of course there is the robust teaching of the resurrection of the body, always definitive for Catholic understanding, which has at the same time taught the natural incorruptibility of the soul as a necessary condition for the resurrected realization.
The remnant rural population came increasingly to be seen as shiftless, inbred, and morally bankrupt, their continued residence in shabby villages now seen as a sign of fecklessness rather then [sic] of incorruptibility.
As noted by a learned colleague, we often define integrity by describing those qualities of integrity that we admire in others, including honesty, purity of motive, incorruptibility, and subordination of personal interests for the interests of the greater good.
While granting the poem's lack of "moral object," The European Magazine remained optimistic about the incorruptibility of the poem's readership: "it is impossible to read it without delighting in virtue; and, as we do not think that there is much fear of any of its readers becoming Corsairs, we think it will, in general, be productive of moral good.
Do we rely upon incorruptibility and all-seeing eye of Russian and Kazakh customs officers?
Equity, efficiency, adequacy, renewability, appropriateness, risk, peace, cost, employment, flexibility, timely decision-making, and aesthetics direct his evaluation of energy policy; at the same time, current urgency, future adequacy, historical responsibility, existing capacity, political viability, scientific integrity, sectoral comprehensiveness, international integration, resource sharing, economic efficiency, policy transparency, emissions verifiability, political incorruptibility, and implementational subsidiarity guide his assessment of climate change policy.
The protection of property rights includes notably the absence of threat of expropriation, independence and incorruptibility of the judiciary, and the ability of individuals and firms to enforce contracts.
Lalande also described how Galileo and Johannes Hevelius viewed the Sun as a fluid: "Galileo, who was in no manner attached to the system of incorruptibility of the heavens, thought that Sun spots were a type of smoke, clouds, or sea foam that forms on the surface of the Sun, and which swim on an ocean of subtle and fluid material" [98, p.
It ought to be a confirmation of his intellect, erudition and incorruptibility.
Sunder (a retired officer of the Indian Administrative Service) explores the influence of religion, primarily Christianity and Hinduism, on the formation of values in the Indian Civil Service in British India and its successor after independence, the Indian Administrative Service, as it relates to the problem of administrative corruption, which she argues has become a major problem following the 1980s after years of relative incorruptibility.
The goal is to maintain public hygiene and incorruptibility.
He recalls his former diligence, the reading of Plato and other contemplative philosophers; the labor guided incorruptibility but failed to stop misfortune.