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In England the police system, if not the most infallible in the world, is certainly the most incorruptible.
And the incorruptible Professor walked too, averting his eyes from the odious multitude of mankind.
We have only an unclean bureaucracy in the face of a people as great and as incorruptible as the ocean.
How many unknown gentlemen--supposed to be of mighty fortunes, if not titles--had waited round the corner after dark, and tempted Miggs the incorruptible, with golden guineas, to deliver offers of marriage folded up in love-letters
And above all, my dear, be sure you promise me your vote and interest and all sorts of plumpers for Pocket-Breaches; for we couldn't think of spending sixpence on it, my love, and can only consent to be brought in by the spontaneous thingummies of the incorruptible whatdoyoucallums.
Harraway, the secretary, was a lean, bitter man with a long, scraggy neck and nervous, jerky limbs, a man of incorruptible fidelity where the finances of the order were concerned, and with no notion of justice or honesty to anyone beyond.
She raised her eyes to the bright stars, looking down so mildly from the wide worlds of air, and, gazing on them, found new stars burst upon her view, and more beyond, and more beyond again, until the whole great expanse sparkled with shining spheres, rising higher and higher in immeasurable space, eternal in their numbers as in their changeless and incorruptible existence.
Your article is absurd and fantastic, but there's a transparent sincerity, a youthful incorruptible pride and the daring of despair in it.
Jack was a genuine incorruptible selfless caring socialist, a man of the people and a shining example to us all
Determined to become a moral and incorruptible man like his father, Bruce vanishes for a number of years, facing the harsh reality of street life, mixing with criminals to street life, mixing with criminals to discover what drives them and, most importantly, learning the physical and psychological skills to fight those who do wrong.
Notoriously incorruptible lawyer Wendall Rohr (Dustin Hoffman) is hired to prosecute; the firearms firm enlists the services of oily lawyer Durwood Cable (Bruce Davison) and Machiavellian jury consultant Rankin Fitch (Gene Hackman).
She hires the notoriously incorruptible Wendell Rohr (Hoffman) to prosecute her case, while the firearms company enlists the services of oily lawyer Durwood Cable (Davison) and Machiavellian jury consultant Rankin Fitch (Hackman).