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Downtown saw the largest percentage increase for postwar cooperative median sales price, which was up 21% to $526,500.
Interestingly, the same survey found a 31% increase in allergic rhinitis, which is commonly linked to asthma, a 55% increase in eczema, and an increase in those taking regular steroid medication among those with frequent wheeze.
But, he adds, the April 1 increase in parking, terminal, bridge and landing fees will affect only airlines, not passengers or motorists who park at the airport.
Higher oil prices resulted in price increases in all the major SR feedstocks.
While increases in legal costs were less than 3% from 1992 through 1995, these costs also have shown larger increases: 5% for 1999 and an estimated 5.
Effect of Chemical Composition on Tensile Properties--Both the yield and tensile strength of 3-mm sections decrease significantly with an increase in carbon equivalent (CE) as a result of increase in ferrite content.
For compounded TPOs, it issued a 6[cent]/lb increase to be effective May 1.
There is a relatively easy way for taxpayers who have made gifts in excess of the applicable exclusion amount to determine how much of this amount they can use in any given year in which there has been an incremental increase in the amount:
The proposed budget for the new interagency Advanced Materials and Processing Program (AMPP) represents a 7 percent increase for materials science from 1992 levels.
In board terms, if actual 1991 TC exceeded targeted 1991 TC, the percentage by which actual exceeded target would then be deducted from the ordinary increase that otherwise would have been applied to 1992 rates to establish 1993 rates.
The increase is due to increase of net debt and increased interest rates.