increase the chances

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A 'stop smoking'service can increase the chances of quitting by four times.
SCIENTISTS in Cardiff have made a breakthrough in male fertility which could dramatically increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.
POPULAR painkillers such as ibuprofen increase the chances of people suffering a second heart attack, according to new research.
This inexpensive, quick procedure will not stop your pet running away, but will definitely increase the chances that you will have your beloved companion returned.
Pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic surgery and smoking can all increase the chances of having an ectopic but for most women it's never discovered why it occurred.
it is EMCOR's hope that this effort will exponentially increase the chances of finding missing children.
Specifically, the bactericidal and growth-promoting properties of the water have potential to substitute the existing disinfectants and preservatives so it may increase the chances of providing safer products.
She will join sister Laura Berman, a sex therapist, on the live broadcast to discuss steps women can take to increase the chances of a healthy birth.
Strowbridge says the Florida Adoption Council will challenge the law in every district in Florida to increase the chances that the state Supreme Court will ultimately hear the case.
High doses of three B-vitamins can increase the chances that arteries will stay open after angioplasty, a popular alternative to coronary bypass surgery.
Companies are racing to make their medicines easier to take (preferably a single pill once a day), and adjustable dosing would probably require more pills and/or increase the chances of error.
Yet another belief is to tackle or attack the QB's upfield (pitching) shoulder to increase the chances of a bad pitch.