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The government retain their plans to increase the length of service and the retirement age as Social Minister Biser Petkov presented the Cabinet's priorities.
ClipperCreek director of Sales, Will Barrett, said, 'We are constantly working to improve our products and with the introduction of our next generation SAE-J1772TM cable and connector assembly we had the opportunity to increase the power of the LCS-20 line to 16 Amps and increase the length of the cable to the maximum allowable length of 25 feet.
The government plans to put up communication and surveillance apparatus, increase the length of runways and build boundary walls to keep stray animals at bay.
Colm Barrington, CEO of FLY, said, "FLY's acquisition of new aircraft on long-term leases, coupled with our ongoing strategy of selling older aircraft, continues to lower the age of our fleet, increase the length of our leases and grow our revenues and profitability.
The two additions increase the length of the flying display to almost six hours.
The suicide has prompted authorities to increase the length of metro barriers.
The productions of these vessels will reach 350 megawatts, which enable the province to increase the length of supply to the population.
London, Aug 12 (ANI): A British student has undergone a surgery to increase the length of her tongue so that she can speak Korean language like a native.
They want to increase the length of delivery trucks from 16.
Try and increase the length of time you hold the position for, rather than increasing the reps you perform, aiming to hold for 15 seconds plus.
To increase the length of the penis, the surgeon will make an incision at the base of the penis and cut the ligament that attaches the penis to the body.
CONGRATULATIONS to Cerys Edwards' parents on managing to increase the length of sentence for dangerous drivers.