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Studies of hospital admissions and surveys of symptoms of severe asthma indicate increased asthma morbidity since the early 1960s (Beasley 2002; Kao et al.
The median price per room increased 34% Downtown to $196,000.
SR production and stocks are estimated to have increased by 5.
In production, however, the high cooling rate of thin-section ductile iron results in increased amounts of carbides with a corresponding loss in mechanical properties, specifically ductility and toughness.
Dow Plastics increased off-list prices for several of its epoxy resin and hardener products, as of June 1.
In contrast, the proposed defense funding for fiscal year 1991 represented a slight decrease after inflation, while civilian R&D increased.
Through a combination of slightly increased intensity (largely technology driven), a larger volume of patients (as a result of demographic growth and the inpatient-to-outpatient change of venue occasioned by Medicare itself through the prospective pricing system for hospitals), and through the process of "unbundling" (physicians' extracting legitimate items of billable service from previous coding practices that bundled several such services into a single code/charge), total Medicare payments to physicians scarcely missed a beat in their ongoing rate of growth.
If the Current Price Index for any lease year shall be greater than the Base Price Index, the base rent shall be increased by an amount equal to product obtained by multiplying

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