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Therefore, the speed increaser to be placed between the turbine and the generator has to multiply the turbine speed 3 to
The group included 10 weight increasers (6 males and 4 females) with an average body mass index (BMI) of 38 kg/[m.
The findings contrast with bad news regarding the once-promising HDL increaser torcetrapib (SN: 5/1/04, p.
Morgan provided a No-Twist Mill gear increaser, the company said.
CITY bankers can expect huge bonuses over the coming months with as many as 40% of firms planning to increaser payouts by a quarter, according to a new study.
5-inch product pipe; increaser kits are available to 28-inch OD.
Drilling and endmilling spindle speeds on existing machines can be increased as much as six times with the BIG Daishowa High Spindle speed increaser.
Beyond increasing fuel efficiency, the pneumatic system could be a drag reducer, drag increaser, safety factor, and a stabilizing device.
Simple attachment of a 1:5 speed increaser handpiece, for example, delivers bur speed up to 200,000 rpm.
After his accession as King Charles I, James's son remained committed to the Garter ceremonies, and became "the greatest Increaser of the Honour and Renown of this most Illustrious Order.
Norquist stated that the negative comments were inappropriate because Friedman now supports tax cuts, though he ``did have a lot of bad friends, he has associated with a known tax increaser.

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