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He thought he must be back in the bedroom behind the cycle shop at the bottom of Bun Hill, and he was sure the vision he had had of the destruction of a magnificent city, a city quite incredibly great and splendid, by means of bombs, was no more than a particularly vivid dream.
Then, and not until then, would he flash from his hiding-place, a grey projectile, incredibly swift, never failing its mark--the fleeing squirrel that fled not fast enough.
At certain times and seasons, these noblemen and gentlemen self-distrustfully strayed into the painting-room of a modern artist, self-distrustfully allowed themselves to be rather attracted by his pictures, self-distrustfully bought one or two of them at prices which would appear so incredibly low, in these days, that I really cannot venture to quote them.
Roots of the eucalyptus will prolong themselves incredibly in search of moisture.
We were three tipsy young gods, incredibly wise, gloriously genial, and without limit to our powers.
Possessed of more than a cursory knowledge of astronomy, he took a sick man's pleasure in speculating as to the dwellers on the unseen worlds of those incredibly remote suns, to haunt whose houses of light, life came forth, a shy visitant, from the rayless crypts of matter.
I've had a letter, and oh, Gilbert, it's all so amazing--so incredibly amazing--we never thought--not one of us ever dreamed--"
So, scarcely was the decision known, when the Texan and Floridan deputies arrived at Baltimore in an incredibly short space of time.
He was proud, vain, abnormally sensitive, suspicious, quick to imagine an injury, incredibly spiteful, implacable in resentment, apparently devoid of any sense of honesty--at his worst hateful and petty-minded beyond any other man in English literature.
Was he incredibly stupid, or did he understand her better than she understood herself?
In what seemed, even to the injured man, an incredibly short time, Pollyanna was back in the woods at the man's side.
Himself a dangerous bat, a brilliant field, and perhaps the very finest slow bowler of his decade, he took incredibly little interest in the game at large.