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BEIRUT: A pen-and-ink sketch depicts a Vampire Walrus holding an umbrella, staring incredulously at the observer.
Owen Brennan's eight-year-old mare incredulously remains winless from 18 tries over hurdles, but has not finished out of the first four on her last seven starts.
Consistency sears through the veins of Roger Charlton''s popular sprinter, yet, incredulously, he has yet to win a Group race.
Consistency sears through the veins of Roger Charlton's popular sprinter, yet, incredulously, he has yet to win a Group race.
A student contradicted him by asking incredulously, "You mean He never resurrected?
But whatever Big Mac's fate, his time in the house was worthwhile as the selfconfessed fan of the sport incredulously shot down flatmate Nikki Grahame when she said she didn't like greyhound racing as it was cruel.
47 carat diamond, he queried incredulously if he was being asked about one diamond or several pieces of diamonds.
Incredulously, funding shortfalls will prevent the Georgia Department of Transportation from fixing this perilous stretch until at least 2013.
The unfailingly cheerful Flintoff spluttered incredulously into his microphone.
One hopes the children involved never get to see a film of which Ms Lynch incredulously says: 'There is goodness and wholesomeness in it'.
ONCE again, incredulously, I read of yet another child mauled by an out-of-control dog.
And if we suggest this practice to our coworkers and they laugh incredulously, we need only remember: they are not laughing at us, they are merely ameliorating their self-regulation and optimism.