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Analysis of the main climatic factors (air temperature and amount of precipitation) of different periods of the year was carried out in Naujoji Akmen5 region in order to determine the impact of climatic factors on the radial increment of Scots pine.
Precision of increment counts from different otoliths and preparation techniques was determined with the coefficient of variation (CV), calculated by using the three increment counts made for each individual type of otolith and preparation technique (Chang, 1982).
REVENUES HAVE SENIOR LIEN OVER MORTGAGES: Tax increment payments enjoy a priority over mortgage loan repayments and operating expenses of the respective tenants and taxing bodies may initiate a tax lien sale in the event of non-payment.
In practice, the FSC asked insurance firms to make special provisions for increment of realty value, should the realty value be appraised according to market value, in order to avoid sharp increase in book value.
WIN-T Increment 2 is a major upgrade to the tactical communications backbone and a critical piece of Capability Set 13--the first integrated group of network technologies out of the NIE process that will be fielded up to eight brigade combat teams starting in fiscal year 2013.
Revenues diverted to the tax increment fund must be replaced by taxes on other property taxpayers, creating hardship for lower-income taxpayers.
Table 1 Mean, standard deviation (SD), number of fish (n), total number of readings (nr), and range of increment counts from known-age laboratory-reared Cynoscion nebulosus.
Tax increment revenues provide extremely modest coverage of debt obligations therefore adverse changes in economic or business conditions (including but not limited to tenant bankruptcy or relocations), property assessments, taxpayer appeals, and/or taxpayer delinquencies may present a material default risk that may warrant additional rating action.
WIN-T Increment 2 puts the power of the Soldier's Network into soldiers hands down to the company level, which is vitally important as the Army evolves into a more expeditionary force," said Chris Marzilli, president of General Dynamics Mission Systems.
The WIN-T Increment 2 tactical network includes significant improvements to the Soldier Network Extension (SNE).
On the directives of PCB Chairman Najam Sethi, a Committee was formed for determining salary increments of staff, comprising Mr.
On the directives of Chairman, PCB, Najam Sethi, a Committee was formed for determining salary increments of staff, comprising Zaheer Abbas, Shakil Shaikh and Brig A(r) Sajid Hameed.