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The inculcation of national consciousness and national unity;
The stories are of varying lengths, folktales told to children in Qatar and other countries of the region for entertainment and inculcation of cultural values and traditions.
Inculcation of green values has become a necessity and the Initiative seeks to achieve this by bringing together like-minded organizations and changing established mindsets to motivate the industry to embrace environment friendly technology and solutions.
Students also exposed to special programmes such as village exposure, adventure training and ethics inculcation," said Ray.
A love of flavours, textures and good oldfashioned nosh was replaced by the inculcation of food science.
And he became preoccupied by "how the process of inculcation worked.
Thus, ensuring the integrity of performance-based budgeting requires the inculcation of sound ethical standards that transform attitudes and mores throughout the organization.
Hankins argues that the primary commitment of civic humanism is the reform of civil society, espec ially the inculcation of virtue in the political class, and that it is not committed to republicanism as a precondition for achieving civic virtue.
The record establishes that the Boy Scouts is an organization whose primary function is the inculcation of a specific set of values in its youth members," Chief Justice Ronald George wrote for the California court.
For example, the Library Bill of Rights fails to note that the inculcation of values is a major purpose of an educational enterprise.
Education based on clinically meaningful information can be used by physicians to help each other learn to manage care in a way that reduces variance in outcomes among physicians and that works toward inculcation of "best practices" guidelines.
Fans of history may be quite content to read the anecdotes with pleasure - as I did on quite a number of occasions - but one will have to be particularly patient not to tire of the inculcation.