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To accuse; to involve in blame or guilt.

When an individual who has committed a crime imputes guilt upon another individual, he or she is thereby inculpating such individual.


verb accuse, arraign, blame, bring to jussice, charge, cite, criminate, impeach, implead, implicate, imply guilt, impute, incriminate, indict, institute proceeddngs, involve in blame, lodge a complaint, press charges, prosecute, recriminate
See also: accuse, arraign, betray, blame, charge, complain, condemn, confess, denigrate, denounce, deprecate, impeach, implicate, incriminate, indict, inform, involve, lodge, reproach

TO INCULPATE. To accuse one of a crime or misdemeanor.

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end strikethrough] <tutele> B1 | moderamine inculpate tutele B2 | moderanime inculpatae tutelae B3 (h) an imaginary] em.
item to the authorities, even though it does not inculpate the client,
Practice guidelines are double-edged swords, as they may be used in some jurisdictions either to exculpate or inculpate, i.
In the sentient world we all occupy, however, there is no logical way to inculpate the sale of firearms or ammunition clips in the murders committed in Tucson.
76) I n order to accomplish its goals in light of the facts of the case and the way the case was being reported, the court issued an extremely strict prohibition restricting the press from publishing any material that could inculpate the defendant.
The Court rejected the argument that the analysts' statements were not subject to confrontation because they were not "accusatory witnesses" in the sense that their testimony did not inculpate the defendant unless it was linked to other evidence.
This underlying presumption becomes more explicit as Lord Auld continues, stating, "' [Trial] is a search for truth in accordance with the twin principles that the prosecution must prove its case and that a defendant is not obliged to inculpate themselves.
Throughout the novel Oskar fantasizes about and even participates directly in a number of gruesome wrongdoings, but he spares no effort to inculpate himself and to be punished accordingly--telling his story is the most concrete manifestation of this.
Yet Hallyn's purpose is neither to inculpate Descartes as a libertine, nor to defend him from such accusations.
2009) (determining that the declarant's statements to a physician were nontestimonial because they were made for the purposes of medical treatment and not to inculpate defendant, but that statements to a social worker were testimonial because they were made after Child Protective Services had been contacted); United States v.
The dispute involves some sentences that appear in the German edition, but not in Keynes's manuscript; but these sentences do not seem to inculpate Keynes any further, except for the use of the phrase "pronounced national leadership [Fuhrung]" with a positive connotation.
an interest in preserving evidence, for it might inculpate the accused.