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But while incumbency is strongly based on precedence, is it still the best option?
If Republicans are going to harp on personal responsibility, shouldn't they put the blame for chronic incumbency where it really belongs?
According to him, a similar anti- incumbency wave will push the ABVP out of DUSU this year.
Their solution embodies premiere software development methodologies and tools, innovative systems integration approaches, solid management practices, expert personnel and trusted incumbency knowledge.
When Incumbency Fails is an engrossing political biography of North Dakota Republican Mark Andrews, an eight-term House member who won a seat in the U.
Besides, the process also forces the office-hopping politicians to run real campaigns and rub elbows with their would-be constituents, rather than simply rely on the awesome advantage of incumbency.
Hoagland was in sync with one basic truth about Congress long before he got there: Party or platform wasn't the thing, incumbency was.
State Congress president Saifuddin Soz, who knows this well, said, "We didn't lose the LS polls because of anti incumbency.
Meanwhile commenting on the agenda for the upcoming elections, Jaitley added that apart from the anti incumbency factor, the Congress's scorecard also was too tarnished for voters to trust it again.
FORTUNATELY, even though gerrymandering and incumbency have made several of the region's legislative primary races meaningless, term limits have given us four truly open Assembly seats in our readership area this year.
Some of the themes addressed include the power of incumbency, the impact of campaign spending, and the crucial role of the South in national politics.
And Congress will never be able to do the job either as long as it functions largely as a port barrel for the collection of campaign contributions to perpetuate eternal incumbency.