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He is accused of dragging her to an upstairs bedroom, where he indecently touched her through her clothes.
He then indecently assaulted one girl again and had sex with the other.
The second incident is alleged to have taken place during a mass viewing of a World Cup match by around 180 children, when Kennedy is said to have indecently assaulted a boy after disciplining him and ordering him to sit next to him because he was being disruptive.
He also faces two counts of indecently assaulting another girl and two of indecently assaulting one of the teenage boys allegedly abused by his brother.
It was also claimed on a later occasion he pulled her into a garage, kissed her, and indecently touched her over her clothing.
In the park, some of the men tried to kiss one of the girls and touched others indecently.
His accuser - now 24 - claims the first time he allegedly attacked her, was when he dragged her upstairs to the bedroom where he indecently touched her through her clothes while he pinned her down on the bed.
He was also convicted of three charges of gross indecency with a boy aged between seven and nine and one offence of indecently assaulting him when he was 10.
He convinced the youngster to follow him into the gents' toilets in Monument Mall shopping centre where he indecently assaulted him.
The boys, aged eight and 10, told Edinburgh Sheriff Court Callum Morris, 18, went into their bedroom while looking after them and touched them indecently.
She claimed Norton had earlier indecently assaulted a 51-year-old woman after convincing her he could help her get over a series of personal tragedies.
The first girl claimed he'd initially sexually abused her when she was just nine, but then did nothing for a number of years until she was 17 and he indecently assaulted her again.