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He has a final-scene change of heart, becoming pimp to a stable of gay prostitutes, but by that point the movie's loyalties are so indecipherable that trying to figure them out is a loser's game.
Indecipherable as a whole, it left a raft of strong images in its wake.
Some articles "were so muddled that they were indecipherable.
decodes an underworld of secret messages, cryptic languages and indecipherable codes.
In response to these concerns, ANNA transforms the data by performing sophisticated data quality, cleanup and normalization functions for each data field, and processes the data through a one-way hash function--a unique value that represents original data in a form that is mathematically indecipherable and irreversible.
From where I stand, I see the curve of their connection, and the silver cross, they bend to In its rolled labyrinth, the spaces between prayers caught the attention of the machine the glass beads, smoothed by generations of faithful touch, were barely visible, the cross blank, indecipherable, until human hands raised it, turned to reveal the hidden figure of torture, the agony of the innocent at the hands of dying power, the has not ceased while armies march and pilgrims meekly kneel to shed their shoes.
The article on Intervening in Europe (conference review, AR April, p34) is at best pretentious and at its worst, indecipherable.
Living in Canada, where the courts communicate in Charter-speak and politicians in an indecipherable mush called nanny-speak, I had forgotten how bracing it can be to read a clear, direct, and unapologetic position.
And like Potter, Langdon's adventure draws us into a magical and parallel universe of secret societies, mystical rituals, and ancient texts with indecipherable codes protecting mysteries long kept secret from ordinary folks.
But poor sound rendered Carl Barat's vocals almost indecipherable.
With undeniable clarity, Picasso spells out in modern terms humanity's condemnation of unnecessary suffering, the agony caused not by unavoidable disasters or indecipherable diseases but by unimaginable intentional violence, such as witnessed in the deliberate release of biological agents.
As multiple pulses smear, the information they represent becomes indecipherable.