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Equity markets continue to trade very indecisively, as investors refrain from making directional bets given the current uncertainty and the seasonal slowdown in activity.
Heidi leaped up, lurched across the tarped-down load in the freighter, and teetered indecisively on the gunwale.
Thus even its tone is hard to read, indecisively frozen between straightforwardness and irony.
The Korean War continued to drag along indecisively and this meant that Congress was not inclined to deal with "non-essential" defense issues.
Anne agreed readily, then paused indecisively for a moment, and told me about the distress a recent portrait session for The New York Times had caused her.
The government, however, responded indecisively, stating that each case should be handled by local authorities.
In an otherwise rich and persuasive account of Wollstonecraft's anthropological use of Methodism, Alan Bewell declares Peter Bell "obviously a bad poem," while playing off on this badness indecisively, between a generic form of intent ("an inept village Milton," citing John E.
The Government has known for a decade that it had to act; but it has dithered indecisively while the country's reputation has been ruined.
The question hurt him more than the tortures he faced with great courage, perhaps to prove to himself that cowardice was not the reason he had acted so indecisively on that endless night of May 31, 1961.
Martin, the great pretender, would govern indecisively for two years and then fall apart; he became the Anthony Eden of Canadian politics.
Banks were among the biggest beneficiaries of the rally on the London market, which had started the day indecisively, down more than 30 points at one stage.
There's only one real confrontation between two of the three main characters, for example, and that ends indecisively.