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The problem with President Clinton is not his indecisiveness but that his judgment is so bad when he does make a decision.
But Gutierrez scored Poe's indecisiveness on the long-standing issue, pointing out that a leader must be willing to make difficult decisions even if it would be unfavorable to his or her allies.
The lead was doubled on the half hour when indecisiveness between Woods and Phil Brazier let in Lee Elam to score from close range.
As usual, Arena has been vague about his lineup, but this time it seems more about indecisiveness than secrecy.
It was not clear that they had understood the important truth that Clinton was telling them by lying--that he could not endure any mention of his indecisiveness.
Although not overtly critical of the FBI, Pistone hints that the bureau's periodic bungling and indecisiveness hampered him and may have even endangered his life.
The establishment of Nominated Authority post is intended for settling the indecisiveness that has hit the countrys coal sector significantly and for facilitating better access to coal for the core economic sectors in order to ensure speedy development of the Indian economy.
Speaking exclusively to Geo News, Musharraf said the time has come for the army and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to take on the Haqqani terrorist network, and added that indecisiveness would not help the situation at all.
It is set to embark on this course of action in protest against the UPA government's indecisiveness on moving the Telangana Bill in Parliament.
I agree with Blair's statement that mistakes have been made but that indecisiveness is worse.
It would be a tragedy if bickering or indecisiveness about the most appropriate means of achieving that goal were to hamper the major strides we have made to reach them.