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Instead, we show that filibuster reform by a majority of senators (1) only requires quite ordinary measures, (2) has been done extensively in the past, and, accordingly, (3) should not be viewed as improper or indecorous.
It was very wrong--very indecorous,"' Edmund and Fanny agree (60, 63).
TO THE wider public, last year's indecorous battle over the Army Chief's birthdate was nothing more than a bit of petty bureaucratese that made national headlines.
that essential strain of coarseness, or even bad taste, or aesthetic indecorum without which writers are in danger of refainement [sic]--Flaubert had it, Proust, Stevenson (dandy, greasy locks, velvet coat) Dickens of coArse [sic], and it is fascinating to see this rough, or indecorous, or melodramatic strain emerge as poetry.
However, to put hands on two cakes at once is rather indecorous.
An 1888 article in the American Israelite explained that Freuder had discouraged indecorous worship, especially that associated with the popular Spiritualism of the time, in his own synagogue: "Since Dr.
It also provides protection for beneficiaries who are involved in fiduciary relations from the potential for indecorous activities against their interests by unscrupulous fiduciaries.
The discrepancy in Browning "between the indecorous exterior style and the putative interior truth," Stark speculates, "is perhaps what makes Browning so authentic to the Modernists" (p.
99) Dying game seems to have been an exclusively masculine cult--not simply because women constituted a small minority of those hanged, but because exaggerated gestures on the part of women convicts (or indeed any overt display of the female body) was viewed as vulgar and indecorous.
Due to indecorous administration of dangerous waste, federal supervisors have penalized $31,500 to a Novato biotechnology firm.
But it is in any event unconscionable that musicians should be on trial for a political protest, however unorthodox and indecorous.
X) in which Supreme Court Justice Dalveer Bhandari was forced to hand down a damning stricture to the Ministry of Defence and the Government of India, going to the extent of impressing upon the then Chief of Army Staff to ensure that officers with excellent records are not treated in an indecorous and shabby manner at the fag end of their career, nor harassed.