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The foregoing insights on the dual conceptualization of decorum may be applied as analytical heuristics for addressing how claims of decorum and of indecorum function in rhetorical exchanges, as is often the case, both on and through Facebook.
2004; ESSI & SOUZA-CHIES, 2007) do not include it in Notata, in spite of the presence of P indecorum in the regional floras involved.
Decorum and Indecorum in the Seconda Redazione of Baldassare Castiglione's Libro del Cortegiano.
Appealing to literary precedent and principles of what we would now call reader response, Aytoun-Jones says in favor of genius and excitement and depth--and in extenuation of indecorum and fragmentation and lapse--pretty much what might have been said by the movement's defenders.
hospital] indecorum rum in code, cur in mode (I'm crude, no?
In fine, is there any Irregularity in Conduct, any Indecorum in Behaviour or Dress, any Defect in Beauty, which is not here fully expatiated on?
where every act of impropriety, indecorum & disorder becomes sinfull" in order to begin to shift worship behavior in significant ways.
the legislative power to set legislators' salaries] is least likely to abuse; but there is a seeming impropriety in leaving any set of men without control to put their hand into the public coffers, to take out money to put in their pockets; there is a seeming indecorum in such power.
These precautions were taken to avoid the indecorum of publishing the creature.
The Specialist is more or less a compilation of such breakdowns and missteps, their indecorum emphasized by a multitude of manipulations of image and sound.
The Baptist Watchman pronounced the tumult that followed the June vote a "disgraceful" example of lawlessness and disorder, as "representatives of Boston's rum-sellers, gamblers and other law-breakers seemingly did all in their power to introduce indecorum and produce anarchy.
22) See, for example, Sir Walter Scott's comments: "Uncle Toby and his faithful squire, the most delightful characters in the work, or perhaps in any other, are drawn with such a pleasing force and discrimination, that they more than entitle the author to a free pardon for his literary peculations, his indecorum, and his affectation" (CH, p.