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She worked indefatigably from dawn to dusk daily, transcribing and indexing both her own field notes and Phyllis's, the latter written in a spidery scrawl only Sally could decipher.
While the regulations do not restore the pool of creditworthy' applicants to the pre-2011 level as NAFEO and its colleagues fought indefatigably to achieve, it is a step in the right direction," Baskerville said.
The hallmark of ideal human behavior befitting upright Pakistani nation is to be consistently prudent and indefatigably tolerant," he added.
The way network attorneys indefatigably make every argument and interview every person to help Waterman will win over even cynical readers.
Theo's mother, whom we've known from Massachusetts and with whom we've worked during this horrific period, simply refused to give up and has worked indefatigably to keep hope alive that this day could be a reality,'' Kerry said.
Senior players took responsibility with centuries from Ian Westwood and Varun Chopra, important runs from Rikki Clarke and Tim Ambrise and eight wickets for the indefatigably excellent Patel.
The dynamic duo have been indefatigably championing women's causes over the last few years, and explained to The Daily Star that the way to impose change was to revolt against injustice.
Linked, coupled or not, members work indefatigably to help make the world a nicer place for those deprived of education, income, and opportunities - the way they talk about their goals, it almost sounds like a cult around which their entire professional, social, and leisure times are enfolded.
UCA principal Patricia Towey said: "Teachers at UCA work indefatigably with students every day and we are thrilled this superb work has been recognised at national level.
They have worked indefatigably to eliminate the use of the word "sex" and to substitute it with the word "gender.
Allen always delves indefatigably into the deepest reaches of research, and his biography of A.
Both these intelligent and able young men went on to work indefatigably for their causes.