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But, despite Svengali's word-of-mouth popularity online, not even its indefatigably optimistic lead character could have predicted the rave reviews the big screen version of the show would end up receiving at its world premiere last weekend.
They indefatigably accuse their critics of 'anti-Semitism' (which is hardly effective anymore) and warn of attempts at the 'de-legitimatisation' of Israel, as if they expect the world to remain completely oblivious to its perpetual war crimes, illegal occupation and institutionalised discrimination against non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine and Israel.
Ellis, therefore, from the very moderate price at which Miss Arbe, for the purpose of obliging her own various friends, had fixed her instructions, was a treasure to Lady Arramede; who had never before so completely found, what she was always indefatigably seeking, a professor not more cheap than fashionable.
This is what Femi Osofisan envisions in his plays as a creative artist, devoted indefatigably and doggedly, to using the platform of drama to fight graft and corruption in the society.
And Yiorkos secured the electoral backing of EDEK by indefatigably buttering up superannuated Dr Faustus, EDEK's honorary president for life and beyond, for the last couple of years.
69) Considered in this way, Hazlitt's pejorative moniker, "a NambyPamby Mandeville," indicates the indefatigably controversial aspects of Crabbe's poetry in its commitment to narrate the "painful realities of actual existence.
Wharton worked indefatigably for war refugees, despite her personal desire to remain aloof; in this, she showed how she could overcome the off-putting connotations of public female activism--traditionally associated with movements like abolition or suffrage--in order to champion a just cause.
In other words, Lily may laugh off the possibility of a beginning precisely because she knows it necessarily presumes an end--the very thing she has been so indefatigably trying to forestall.
And my answer to that at this moment in time is indefatigably, no, you should not, unless you have a secondary risk factor,' such as Barrett's metaplasia or colon polyps (or a secondary cardiovascular risk factor),
The indefatigably Liberal Vancouver Sun quoted problems with the older but similar U.
Their stirring post-punk mix of spiky '80s alt-rock sensibilities which recalls the likes of The Ramones, Jesus and Mary Chain and fellow Minneapolis natives Husker Du, melded with indefatigably perky Strokes-like indie pop, has found a home in the hearts and minds of a wide spectrum of music fans.
Callewaert has long been indefatigably collating manuscripts of early North Indian bhakti texts, editing them so as to establish texts as close to the period of origin as possible, and providing translations to make them available to a larger audience.