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46) All too often the indefectibility of the church is protected, and the cost is inadequate repentance.
9) Succinctly stated, infallibility refers to the divine assistance given by Christ to the church to teach specific doctrines without error; (10) indefectibility refers to the divine assistance given to the church to remain fundamentally faithful to the teachings of Christ.
As already mentioned, the gift of indefectibility is intended to keep the church generally on course; the gift of infallibility is necessary if the church is to provide authoritative definitions of specific doctrines.
And this living fidelity was linked to the Church's indefectibility.
Another, under the interesting heading, "the magisterium of the Church and the magisterium of history," paves the way toward a better distinction between infallibility and indefectibility.
And furthermore, in the generation and transmission of the Christian tradition, the orthodox affirmation of divine inspiration, indefectibility, and infallibility must allow for a greater receptivity to the Spirit working through human creativity and criticism in the traditioning process.